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Genie Z135/70 Safety Decal, Sticker Kit

Genie Z135/70 Safety Decal, Sticker Kit

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Genie Z135/70 Safety Decal Kit 

This Safety Decal Kit is an aftermarket decal kit to fit the selected model and is based on the pictorial style Decals. This specific model has been around for many years depending which parts manual you are to look in. The kits may differ slightly.

Ours is based on a standard spec machine.

If you believe the decals on your machine are different from what we are offering, then please get in touch.

Below is a table showing the contents of the Kit we are providing:

Decal / Part Number Quantity In Kit Description
27204 2
    27207 2
    27206 2
    27205 2
    82607A 2
    114252A 2
    82544 2
    40434F 3
    82472B 2
    82924A 1
    97815 1
    219160A 1
    82473C 2
    82548B 1
    28235G 2
    28171 1
    28174 2
    1 Diesel label
    97757A 1
    82604C 2
    97716A 4
    824870 2
    82546 1
    44981C 2
    824870 2


    Eco Friendly 

    Using our UV printers we predominantly use inks that don't contain harsh chemicals and have less impact on the environment.

    Vinyl Medium

    We Print all our Safety Decals onto the highest quality ultra tack Vinyl which should adhere to your machines in the harshest of environments, and last for many years to come.