Genie 82665 Safety DECAL,SYM-MAXCAP CE GS19XX

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This single decal is used on the following machines and serial number ranges. Please ensure you check your parts manual with your serial number .

 GS-2032 (from serial number GS3208C-101 to GS3212C-9999)
GS-1530 (from serial number GS3003-60000 to GS3005-75999)
GS-1532 (from serial number GS3003-60000 to GS3005-75999
GS-1930 (from serial number GS3003-60000 to GS3005-75999)
GS-1932 (from serial number GS3003-60000 to GS3005-75999)
GS-2032 (from serial number GS3204-60000 to GS3205-75406)
GS-2632 (from serial number GS3204-60000 to GS3205-75406)
GS-2046 (from serial number GS4603-60000 to GS4605-75437)
GS-2646 (from serial number GS4603-60000 to GS4605-75437)
GS-3246 (from serial number GS4603-60000 to GS4605-75437)
GS-1530 (from serial number GS3005A-76000 to GS3010A-109999)
GS-1530 (from serial number GS3005B-76000 to GS3009B-98941)
GS-1532 (from serial number GS3005A-76000 to GS3010A-109999)
GS-1532 (from serial number GS3005B-76000 to GS3009B-98941)
GS-1532 (from serial number GS3008C-101 to GS3011C-9999)
GS-1930 (from serial number GS3005A-76000 to GS3010A-109999)
GS-1930 (from serial number GS3005B-76000 to GS3009B-98941)
GS-1930 (from serial number GS3008C-101 to GS3011C-9999)
GS-1932 (from serial number GS3005A-76000 to GS3010A-109999)
GS-1932 (from serial number GS3005B-76000 to GS3009B-98941)
GS-1932 (from serial number GS3008C-101 to GS3011C-9999)
GS-2032 (from serial number GS3205-75407 to GS3211A-109999)
GS-2046 (from serial number GS4605-75438 to GS4605-95912)
GS-2046 (from serial number GS4609C-101 to GS4612C-9999)
GS-2046 (from serial number GS4609A-95913 to GS4611A-109999)
GS-2632 (from serial number GS3205-75407 to GS3211A-109999)
GS-2632 (from serial number GS3208C-101 to GS3212C-9999)
GS-2646 (from serial number GS4605-75438 to GS4605-95912)
GS-2646 (from serial number GS4609C-101 to GS4612C-9999)
GS-2646 (from serial number GS4609A-95913 to GS4611A-109999)
GS-3232 (from serial number GS3205-75407 to GS3211A-109999)
GS-3246 (from serial number GS4605-75438 to GS4611A-109999)
GS-3246 (from serial number GS4609C-101 to GS4612C-9999)

 Eco Friendly 

Using our UV printers we predominantly use inks that don't contain harsh chemicals and have less impact on the environment.

Vinyl Medium

We Print all our Safety Decals onto the highest quality ultra tack Vinyl which should adhere to your machines in the harshest of environments, and last for many years to come. 

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