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Skyjack SJ16 Safety Decal, Sticker Kit PN160767

Skyjack SJ16 Safety Decal, Sticker Kit PN160767

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Skyjack SJ16 Safety Decal Kit PN160767

Serial numbers 14005753 - 14999999

Safety decals kit to Fit Skyjack SJ16 from serial number 14005753.

This kit does not include the control panels or cosmetics 

Below is a table showing the kit contents:

Part # Qty Description
102896 4 LABEL, Forklift Pocket
117023 2 LABEL, "CE" (CE)
119674 1 LABEL, Main Power Disconnect
123628 1 LABEL, Manual Storage Box
124362 1 LABEL, No Jewelry
124465 2 LABEL, Horizontal Load Rating (SJ12/16 ANSI/CSA) 
124767 4 LABEL, Lift and Tie Down Points
130018 2 LABEL, Fall Protection Anchorage
138211 2 LABEL, Connect Platform AC Supply (ANSI/CSA)
156308 2 LABEL, Horizontal Load Rating and Platform Capacity(SJ12/16 ANSI/CSA) 
156417 2 LABEL, Horizontal Load Rating and Platform Capacity (500 lb/2P) 
156436 1 LABEL, Operator's Daily Inspection
156441 1 LABEL, Annual Inspection
156721 1 LABEL, Winching/Towing/Pushing Procedure
157012 1 LABEL, Platform Traversing Procedure
159501 1 LABEL, Hazard Identification
159511 1 LABEL, Emergency Lowering Procedure
171556 2 LABEL, Horizontal Load Rating & Platform Capacity (500 lb/1P) 
171557 4 LABEL, Wheel Load (510 kg/1125 lb.) (SJ16)  

Eco Friendly 

Using our UV printers we predominantly use inks that don't contain harsh chemicals and have less impact on the environment.

Vinyl Medium

We Print all our Safety Decals onto the highest quality ultra tack Vinyl which should adhere to your machines in the harshest of environments, and last for many years to come.