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Genie Z60/34 Safety Decal, Sticker Kit

Genie Z60/34 Safety Decal, Sticker Kit

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Genie Z60/34 Safety Decal Kit

Z-60/34 (from serial number 4001 to 4550)

Z60 DECAL KIT W/SYMBOLS - Genie part number 102942GT

This kit is based on a standard spec machine and only contains the safety decals. This kit does not contain any cosmetic or control panel decals. Please note, before ordering this safety decal kit, it is recommended that you check this sticker kit is the correct one for your machine. Please refer to a parts manual or the table below if you are unsure. We print all our safety decals and signage onto the highest quality UV protected, durable vinyl, to ensure that all decals adhere to your machines and are able to survive harsh environments.

Part Number Description Qty
133067 Electric Hazard Stay Clear 2
114249 Tipover, Tires 4
82487 Read the Manual 2
114252 Tip over Limit Switch 3
82548 Crush hazard 2
82604 Danger side FRC 400N 4
114248 Tipover Tilt 1
82473 Comp Access 2
82472 Crushing Hazard 3
82601 Max Capacity 1
Arrows x6 Forward, backwards, sideways arrows 6
40434 Anchorage Point 4
28235 Power to platform 115v 2
28158 Unleaded gas only 1
82240 105 Db 1
11427 Belt routing 1
114244 Wheel load 4
82589 Tyre pressure 4