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Haulotte H25TPX Safety Decal, Sticker Kit

Haulotte H25TPX Safety Decal, Sticker Kit

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Haulotte H25TPX Safety Decal Kit, 

This kit is based on a standard spec machine and only contains the safety decals. This kit does not contain any cosmetic or control panel decals. Please note, before ordering this safety decal kit, it is recommended that you check this sticker kit is the correct one for your machine. Please refer to a parts manual or the table below if you are unsure. We print all our safety decals and signage onto the highest quality UV protected, durable vinyl, to ensure that all decals adhere to your machines and are able to survive harsh environments.

Part Number Description Qty
3078153220 Floor height + load capacity for H25TPX 2
3078143680 Refer to operating manual 1
3078145070 Danger: direction of travel 1
3078144570 The plug must be connected 1
3078143620 Risk of crushing (hands and fingers) 2
3078144490 Sling load 4
3078143520 Hydraulic oil 1
3078144130 Do not park in the area in which the machine is working 2
3078143600 Do not wash... Do not use the machine... 2
3078144650 Risk of overturning : check tilt 1
3078143450 User instructions 1
3078153510 Sling fastener 1
3078143590 «High and low level» hydraulic oil 1
3078143640 Do not climb onto the hood 1
3078144510 Filling 1
3078143930 Green arrow (forwards) 1
3078143940 Red arrow (backwards) 1
3078143530 Before slewing, remove the rod 1
3078143570 Greasing of the rotation ring 1
3078143630 Risk of crushing of body 2
3078149220 Manual emergency operation assistance label 1
3078153500 Load on one wheel for H25TPX 4
3078144520 Harness 1