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NiftyLift 90 Safety Decal

NiftyLift 90 Safety Decal

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Niftylift 90 safety decals

Years 2008 onwards

This kit is based on a standard spec machine and only contains the safety decals. This kit does not contain any cosmetic or control panel decals. Please note, before ordering this safety decal kit, it is recommended that you check this sticker kit is the correct one for your machine. Please refer to a parts manual or the table below if you are unsure. We print all our safety decals and signage onto the highest quality UV protected, durable vinyl, to ensure that all decals adhere to your machines and are able to survive harsh environments. 

MAX SWL 120kg P17245 1
All Stabilisers P18634 4
Before Towing P17341 3
Manual Hand Pump P19090 1
General Warning P20330 2
Cage Gate Warning P18432 1
Head Protection P14921 1
Machine Plate P15383 1
General notice P18863 1
Push & Release P19092 1
Daily Safety Check List P14908 1
Emergency Stop P14864 2
If Alarm Sounds P18842 2
No Step P14785 3
Nifty 90 Logo P14596 2 P14390 1
Harness Point P14883 1
Tyre Pressure - 75 psi P12417 2
Point Load - 4.2 kN P14959 4
Hydraulic Levers - 3 P14926 2
Base Controls Cage weigh Non-cage weigh P21055 P21131 1
Cage Controls Cage weigh Non-cage weigh P18149 P15881 1
General Crush P14782 4
Warning Stripes Not included
Hydraulic Oil IS032 P17226 1
Battery Isolator P18600 1
Machine Damage Risk P14904 1
Operating instructions P14892 1
Coupling Instructions P14896 1
Canopy Positioning P19688 1
Component Stability P19708 1
Overload Warning P18848 2
Tow Hitch 50mm (Aus/NZ only) P17970 1
Inlet Socket 110v
P17719 P17720 1


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